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Indukern’s Food Division develops a new range of solutions for vegan desserts
26 Junho 2017 Alimentos
  • The Blend-a-Kern VLP range allows for the creation of 100% vegetable desserts with various textures and flavours.
  • These new solutions do not contain lactose or allergens, and are nutritionally enriched with calcium and vitamins.
Indukern acquires Cytecsa, a Mexican company
31 Janeiro 2017 Alimentos
  • It is one of the country's leading companies in technological solutions and premixes for the dairy industry.
  • With this acquisition, the global turnover of the Indukern Food Division will reach 40 million euros in 2017.
The Food Division of Indukern launches E number free solutions for meat products
16 Janeiro 2017 Alimentos
  • Blend-a-Kern CFX, CEX and CII are blends with the same shelf life, appearance and flavour as conventional product.
  • This product ranges include blends for cooked, dried and fresh processed meats.


The Indukern Food Division will market Lycored products in Spain, Portugal and North Africa
27 Outubro 2016 Alimentos
  • Both companies have signed an agreement for Indukern to distribute Lycored's natural colourants, food ingredients and fortifiers in the domestic markets throughout Portugal, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.
  • Lycored is currently a leading company in the creation and combination of natural nutritional products.