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Indukern presents its Food Division’s new Research and Development Center
05 Abril 2016 Alimentos
  • Comprised of a laboratory and two pilot plants, food product solutions for dairy products, cheeses, beverages, processed meats, confectionery, breads and sauces are designed and produced in these facilities.
  • Its commissioning reflects a change in the Division's business focus, now aimed at the development of made to order solutions, which is expected to generate a turnover of more than 30 million euros in three years.


Indukern presents a new range of Blend-a-Kern solutions for cream cheese
09 Fevereiro 2016 Alimentos
  • The range contains eight products, four for direct acidification cheese and four for fermented cheese, offering food manufacturers an extensive range of formulations textures and flavours.
  • These solutions simplify the production process, reduce costs, and obtain a product that meets the needs of horeca and food service channels.
Indukern acquires 75% of the Brazilian company Hexus Food Ltda
18 Janeiro 2016 Alimentos
  • Its business activity is focussed on the development and marketing of food industry solutions.
  • With this acquisition, Indukern strengthens its presence in the Brazilian market, where it has been operating since 1996.
Indukern creates an alternative to HM citrus pectins as a stabilizer for acidified milk drinks
13 Janeiro 2016 Alimentos


  • Blend-a-Kern BFA 3415, based on soy fibre, exhibits greater stability and less sensitivity to dose reductions compared to any pectin.
  • Used at 50% of the standard dose of pectin the savings in cost are 25%.
Indukern launches a new texturizing solution for block cheese analogues for slicing and grating
04 Dezembro 2015 Alimentos


  • Blend-a-Kern QBL 4915 offers rapid stabilization of the product, which can be sliced or grated within 24 hours of productio.
  • It also supports a wide variety of formulations and production processes as well as a reduction in costs of cheese raw materials, placing them around 1 euro per kilo.